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Leverage technologies that enables you to become a consultant in data science and schedule up to 48 paired project management sessions.

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Our ranked rosters highlight out selected candidates that are somehow falling through the "old-school recruiting" cracks.

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Grow your Remote Work Score (RWS) as you finish data and modeling tasks provided for you and another candidate.

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Schedule up to four sessions with Professional engineers using our RoadMap to get you higher ranks.

Select weekly review sessions from project managers office hours

Leverage state-of-art technologies from AWS and GoogleCloud Platform such as Notebooks to review team progress, Storage solutions and Computing solutions to build end-to-end data pipelines and projects with one other candidate.

Real Remote Work

Join our Projects under supervision of professional engineers and project manager Fellows for up-to 10 weeks and contribute to our Open Source published Repositories.

One Project, Four Sessions

Schedule one-on-one project review sessions and experience the complete life cycle of a data science pipeline development.

Build, Apply, Repeat: Jobs.

We're 100% remote! List more in your next interview about Slack, Asana, Git and your experience in teams!

Mesons: Build More in a Managed Team

We're Feedback-first, code second. There is already enough great training contents listed for Free for any coding language.

Contribute to GitHub Repositories that are Open Source.

More and more Remote Work matters in Tech. For every project you join we'll share with you a Perceived Score, that we believe is more objective than what most recruiters use.

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I had gone for one Meetup a few months ago. I liked the webinar and remote networking. Most of the webinars focus on either the content or the meetup only. So it was interesting to interact with like-minded people who share similar interests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I join STEM2020?

We’ll review your resume and other professional profiles such LinkedIn, AngelList, Indeed and schedule a one-on-one session with another project manager from our team. We'll evaluate your technical profiles, including your LinkedIn, GitHub, Resume and few other accounts through our RoadMap app. Top 25% candidates are listed on our rosters based on city or region.

Which cities do you currently place candidates?

We don't sell jobs. That is the recruiters job. Remember, not all jobs needs selling, Data Science roles don't need selling even after this pandemic. We focus on vetting candidates objectively and our contract is binding for any jobs our candidates land in the US.

Location still maters to our candidates and we've hiring managers from SMBs and startups in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Michigan, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Austin.

I've signup, but I've not heard back except for the confirmation email I got. What should I expect next?

Since July 15th, we are responding to applicants who are selected first. Please give us 5 to 7 days and if you still didn't get any updates reach us at our email.

How can I find the STEM2020 forms?

Currently STEM2020 form accepts those who have severely been affected by COVID19. If you have lost a job offer for an internship that you counted on last year or you graduated in 2020 You should fill out this form from here.

I've reached out on LinkedIn but I've not heard back, can you schedule a profile review session for me?

We're reviewing profiles and scheduling sessions every week and by June 15th if you have reached out but still have not heard from us simply sign up under STEM2020 membership with the same email address here to have your technical interview session scheduled.

My Summer offer was rescinded just few days before the starting date, would you still be able to help me?

Yes, STEM2020 is for anyone who is affected by COVID19 like many of our past and current candidates. This bundle is specifically designed and launched for STEM graduates of 2020, graduates who might lose OPT, undergraduate students who graduate next year (STEM), STEM recent graduates who lost job offers, Data Analyst interns, Business Intelligence interns, current PhD Applicants,  MSc. Student applicants for 2020 and current Research Assistants. If you're one of the above, you should fill out our  COVID Impact form from here.

Who founded the company?

Hoofar Pourzand, is the Data Science Manager at PhillyTalent and along with him is a team of data science project managers and onboarding specialists who help manage your contributions to our repositories, RoadMap App. You can share your resume and connect with him directly from here.

When does your BEATCOVID19 bundle start?

June 15th, the first round of candidates are starting their program but as we and many hiring companies navigate this pandemic this date might change. Please reach out to get the latest update on your starting date.
As of August 13, we have automated a lot of the scheduling which means your sessions will be booked once you Signup.

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